The 8.5” dial ammonia pressure gauge is stock at our Overland Park, KS office. These high-end, industrial pressure gauges are designed and engineered for harsh ammonia service. The extra-large dial face provides the operator a comprehensive display on ammonia service applications. The stainless steel back flange offers options for wall and panel mounting.


Stainless steel case with 1% full-scale accuracy. Unit comes standard with a stainless steel back mounting flange with (3) wall mount holes. Stainless steel bourdon tube with ¼” NPT lower back connection that is welded to the case. Removable front bezel and adjustable pointer. Available as a dry gauge. Stock in both of the standard ammonia pressure/temperature ranges- Range: 30″ Hg to 150 PSI w/ corr °F and Range: 30″ Hg to 300 PSI w/ corr °F